Research Center of Migrant and Ethnic Groups at Sun Yat-sen University, PRC.

The Research Center of Migrant and Ethnic Groups was founded under the auspices of the Department of Anthropology at Sun Yat-sen (Zhonshan) University in 2000, and since 2010 is the Key Research Base in Social Science and Humanities of Guangdong Colleges. The Center’s research focuses on foreign migrants, domestic migrants, and relations between migrants and ethnic groups, and has provided significant contributions to the integration of traditionally separated areas of research. The research covers academic disciplines such as anthropology, ethnology, sociology, and geography, pairing them with applied social development practices like cultural heritage studies, social risk and impact assessments, migration management and environmental assessments. The Center also ranks among China’s leading social development consultancies, both to government and international agencies and to private enterprises, especially for ethnic and minority affairs and social impact assessments.

CCCS has been involved with the Research Center since its founding, devising project research plans and working with local governments and companies to prepare social development interventions.