Social Development Consulting

Social Development ConsultingServices for Social Sustainability Planning

CCCS international social development services are based on our grounded sensitivity to local cultures, languages, and political environments to help mitigate adverse social and environmental impacts and to promote project benefit-sharing. We offer our clients top-tier social development consulting services in the fields of stakeholder engagement, engagement with Indigenous Peoples, resettlement management, social impact assessment, migration management, and cultural heritage management.

CCCS matches the country and sector experiences of our Associates to each project initiative in order to offer our clients the joint advantages of rich international project experience and grounded sensitivity to local cultures and languages. Whenever possible, we seek to include members of the affected peoples and cultural communities on our project teams, and we strive always to maintain gender balance.

Project Social Documentation and Reporting

Leveraging our extensive network of experienced applied anthropologists and social development specialists, CCCS assists clients in preparing and reviewing social documentation and reporting for their projects. With deep experience both in helping to formulate international social policy as well as in operationalizing it in project contexts, CCCS helps clients to ensure top-quality documentation that responds directly to applicable policy and legal requirements.

The types of project social documentation CCCS offers include:

Project Design / Management Consulting

CCCS offers strategic support services to help clients anticipate and respond to potential social impacts, as well as to fulfill the policy requirements of international financial institutions and the legal requirements of host countries. We are especially adept with designing participatory stakeholder consultation and engagement strategies for project-affected Indigenous Peoples, ethnic minority populations, and other vulnerable groups (such as women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, migrant workers, and the very poor). CCCS Associates also have strong capacity in addressing issues of resettlement, land use rights, and cultural heritage protection, and have worked across the spectrum of social-development. We can assist your management team devise appropriate short- and long-term social strategies for your project.

Our management consulting strengths include:

Our management consulting strengths include: