CFCD: Corporate Forum for Community Development, Indonesia

The Corporate Forum for Community Development in Indonesia (CFCD) is a leading learning center for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community Development (CD), and one of the premier multi-stakeholder networks in Indonesia, comprising members in both private and public sectors. CFCD’s work focuses on enhancing corporate social awareness and CSR commitments in the area of community empowerment efforts. The members of CFCD’s network stretch across numerous sectors and industries, including Agro-business and Agro-industry, Extractive Industries, Energy, Industry and Manufacturing, and many more. CFCD also engages in a broad range of activities throughout Indonesia, such as roundtable discussions with members on sustainability and social responsibility; sustainability and CSR training; publishing a CSR Magazine; and CSR and Community Empowerment Awards.

In recognition of our shared interest in providing development assistance to a range of stakeholders in culturally appropriate ways, CCCS and CFCD entered into a partnership in 2015 to integrate our expertise and experience in implementing various social development projects. Aside from specific project opportunities, CCCS and CFCD will collaborate on raising the awareness of the importance to business of managing and respecting Indonesian cultural diversity, as well as providing training on issues like Indigenous Peoples Development Plans and Cultural Heritage Management for CFCD’s corporate members.

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