CCCS is always looking to expand our network by partnering with other organizations, in order to provide our clients with the right tools and the best people to enhance cross-cultural understanding and project-appropriate approaches. These professional collaborations help us to offer a greater variety of specialized services, as well as to augment the richness and quality of our work.

In our role as a social consultancy, CCCS prefers to work as a complement to local partners and project teams. That is, we utilize our international experience to advise and empower project teams to achieve global standards in their social analysis and project planning work—combining local and international knowledge and know-how. We also emphasize the need not only to build gender-consciousness into our work plan and analysis but to ensure that our project work teams include both women and men when delivering consulting services.

Since 2018, for example, CCCS has worked closely with the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN)--Nepal's preeminent IPO--to co-develop the new paradigm on IP-project collaboration, while since 2023 similarly working with KMNSoyuz, a leading Indigenous rights organization in the Russian Federation. Outreach to other global Indigenous organizations, including the UN's Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), has also expanded both CCCS's reach and our understanding of Indigenous issues and goals.

Partnership with CCCS is open to any firm or organization that provides or needs professional consulting services in the field of social development. We are eager to partner with institutions and companies in developing countries that are practiced at (or need support with) FPIC processes for international financial institutions, governments, civil society, or private sector industries—especially those groups focusing on Indigenous Peoples and/or other minority communities. We are open to partnering with any organization that can help us make the most of development opportunities—including corporations, national and international NGOs, Indigenous Peoples Organizations (IPOs), educational institutions, and government agencies.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a partner firm/organization of CCCS, please get in touch.