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Characteristic of all CCCS services is our commitment to Good Practice. CCCS believes that the best way for clients to keep costs down, to ensure the timeliness of project operations, and to maintain collaborative forms of stakeholder engagement is to pro-actively implement robust forms of social programming. We therefore consult with our clients on how projects can be designed and/or re-tooled to realize such Good Practice. While we particularly emphasize Indigenous Peoples issues, CCCS specializes in a broad spectrum of social development initiatives, including participatory consultation and engagement, community development and social investment, educational reform, social impact assessment and management, resettlement planning and livelihood improvement, cultural heritage preservation, and migration management.

NEW: Rapid Social Compliance Assessment (RSCA)

Rapid Social Compliance Assessment (RSCA) is a new service approach that provides clients with an enhanced due diligence assessment of whether a project, company, or government agency complies with IFI social standards. If a project, company, or agency is found non-compliant, the RSCA outlines policy and/or project measures to not only bring the client into compliance but—more importantly—improve client social performance. RSCA is based on the extensive social impact planning and evaluation experience of CCCS and Dr. Guldin in identifying potential social safeguards pitfalls and establishing management systems to ensure continued compliance with international social standards.

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Education, Diversity and Cultural Awareness

Bridging communication gaps between different cultures is CCCS’ specialty. Misunderstandings and disputes between peoples operating in different cultural spheres, such as ethnic, governmental, school, or corporate cultures, are common phenomena. CCCS Associates are trained to provide specialized brokering services for situations where cultures collide, to appraise ‘conflict’ situations and to facilitate dialogue, mitigation, and — ultimately — conflict resolution.

CCCS has provided cultural brokering and dispute resolution services to Union Bay Apparel by addressing major points of cultural contention and helping different parties to communicate their differing needs and interests. CCCS also supports diversity training and cultural awareness initiatives in the field of education. We have been engaged by schools and school boards to develop multicultural education initiatives and guidebooks for school administrators, as well as to facilitate cross-cultural community communications.

Another major CCCS initiative is a comprehensive cultural transformation and conflict resolution framework focused on public schools. We are now working with the NYCDOE to apply a Restorative Justice approach in schools with high suspension rates to fundamentally transform the social relationships between all the people in their buildings. The 100% RESPECT! Campaign is one embodiment of this Restorative Justice Approach, which aims to ensure that students, teachers, and administrators all treat one another with full and equal respect at all time. Both of these examples embody the CCCS approach to education and diversity and fit within the larger rubric of social-emotional learning. Thus fostering the growth of caring, community-oriented citizens and institutions.

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International Social Development Consulting

CCCS offers a broad range of development assistance and strategic social management services, always with the aim to facilitate equitable and sustainable development outcomes. Carrying out this work, CCCS Associates evaluate projects, plans, and activities against established international precedents, while also confirming that social interventions are custom-tailored to their intended audiences and sensitive to different cultures, languages, and political environments.

We work intensively with a wide variety of clients in the private sector (firms, joint ventures) and the public sector (governments, IFIs, donor agencies) to prepare, evaluate, and monitor community development plans, social impact assessments, migration management, resettlement planning, and project stakeholder engagement initiatives. Our approach recognizes the need to encourage project-affected local communities and local governments to work closely with development projects, fostering mutual respect and collaboration to facilitate project-stakeholder mutual gains. In the field of international social development, CCCS is particularly renowned for our work on Indigenous Peoples safeguards.

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Social Policy Analysis

CCCS knows social policy. The success of our international social development consulting work derives from our familiarity with established international policy frameworks, such as the IFC Performance Standards, the World Bank Safeguards, the ADB Safeguard Policy Framework, the Equator Principles and Akwé: Kon Guidelines. Our work with IFI policy teams on “Country Safeguard Systems” has sensitized our staff to the need to reconcile national social development requirements with IFI and Equator Principle Banks’ requirements in project planning. We know the policy-making and project preparation process from the inside.

CCCS also specializes in international development policy frameworks for safeguarding the rights and interests of Indigenous Peoples. Having served on several of the IFI teams crafting Indigenous Peoples policies, we are familiar with the expectations of Bank social safeguard specialists and how most key policy requirements are interpreted. We are therefore especially adept at helping clients design project management systems that ensure compliance with IFI social development requirements and international best practice. We know how policy requirements are best translated into project good practice.

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Social Safeguards Compliance Services

CCCS has more than a decade’s worth of experience in writing, refining and operationalizing social safeguards policies for international financial institutions like the World Bank, the IFC, the ADB, the EBRD, and the IDB. Having also developed training materials for IFI staff to measure and evaluate compliance for many of these institutions, we are intimately familiar with the process of determining compliance. Together with our network of national experts who are similarly familiar with the national regulatory safeguards to which projects must adhere, CCCS is eminently well-placed to help your organization meet its social sustainability objectives, regardless of your industry.

We specialize in pairing international lender requirements with national regulatory requirements to produce integrated and cost-effective plans that are geared to the needs of your project or organization. Such plans include Stakeholder Engagement Plans, Indigenous Peoples & Community Development Plans, Public Consultation and Disclosure Plans, Resettlement Action Plans, Cultural Heritage Management Plans, and Migration Management Plans. We are also one of very few international consultancies that have successfully established engagement mechanisms for establishing the Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) of project-affected Indigenous Peoples, as required under IFC Performance Standard 7 and an increasing number of other international actors.

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