Gregory Eliyu GULDIN, Ph.D.

Dr. Greg Guldin is a senior applied anthropologist with extensive expertise in social development policies, projects, and performance assessments in many regions. Greg’s experience has been multi-faceted, and includes:

  • Researching social change as a field anthropologist in rural and urban areas (1980s through 2000)
  • Policy formation and project planning for social safeguards (especially on Indigenous Peoples & FPIC) with international financial organizations (1997 through 2013)
  • Implementing social safeguards policy in the private sector (2005 through today)

Dr. Guldin has led and coordinated multi-cultural project and research teams for numerous international development projects, and has decades of experiences working with both the public and private sectors—and has a strong appreciation for the need to work within the system and to pay close attention to inter and intra-agency connections.

Greg’s experience is fully international, having worked on projects on the ground throughout Asia and the Russian Federation and overseeing projects and policy formation in Africa, the Americas and globally. His reports and analyses are concise, accessible, non-judgmental, and practical based on the client’s capacity and proclivities.

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Executive Coordinator

Marcus Bjoerkqvist has substantial experience in project coordination and report production, having worked in the private sector in numerous European countries. Mr. Bjoerkqvist serves CCCS as Executive Coordinator, with responsibilities in communications management, company administration, document production and management, and project bid preparations, as well as coordinating and evaluating research projects.

Larisa Valeriovna KORABLINOVA, M.A.
Russian & CIS Projects Coordinator

Lara Korablinova is an Indigenous Peoples and social development consultant based in St. Petersburg, Russia. As the first Coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples’ Program for the Sakhalin II project, Ms. Korablinova was a key player in facilitating Sakhalin Energy Investment Corporation’s (SEIC) relations with Indigenous Peoples and has been part of training initiatives on stakeholder engagement and international “best practice” standards for social policy for international entities such as Shell International and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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Marianne Mun-Jong FUNG,
Director, Cross-Cultural Communication & Corporate Logistics

Marianne Fung has worked as a Graphic Designer in Hong Kong, New York and Seattle area, and has a deep understanding of both Eastern and Western arts and culture. As a long-time resident in both Chinese and American societies, Ms. Fung has extensive experience as a Chinese culture consultant for corporate personnel relocating to Asia and USA and coordinates CCCS’ logistical arrangements and various human resources responsibilities.

Matthew GULDIN, M.A.
Director, Educational Programming

Matthew Guldin has been an educator and school leader at New York junior-high and high schools for more than 30 years. Having started as a history, social studies, and humanities teacher, and then moving into school leadership roles—first as an Assistant Principal in 2000, then as Dean of Students in 2002—Matthew is experienced in implementing socio-emotional learning programs both within the classroom as well as from an administrative perspective. He currently assists CCCS in implementing the unique socio-emotional program, 100% RESPECT! Campaign, on behalf of the NYC Department of Education and other school systems.

Robert METCALF, M.A.
Business Development and Commercial Director

Rob acts as CCCS’ business development and commercial director and is based in Singapore. He is a non-practicing English barrister and has been in Asia for over 16 years working in legal counsel and law firm recruitment roles and has extensive commercial experience across China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Southeast Asia generally.

Paul Goodfellow, M.P.A
Research and Policy Analyst Coordinator

Paul Goodfellow is a research analyst with experience working on both USA domestic and international policy. Mr. Goodfellow serves as CCCS’ Research and Policy Analyst Coordinator, providing background political, social, and economic research for company projects and proposals in Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanmar and others. Prior to his work for CCCS he spent two years in Asia, grounding himself in the practical realities of implementing social policy and development planning. Paul holds a Masters Degree with honors from George Mason University in Public Administration.