Gregory Eliyu GULDIN, Ph.D.
Dr. Greg Guldin is a senior applied anthropologist with extensive expertise in social development policies, projects, and performance assessments in many regions. Greg’s experience has been multi-faceted, and includes:
  • Researching social change as a field anthropologist in rural and urban areas (1980s through 2000)
  • Policy formation and project planning for social safeguards (especially on Indigenous Peoples & FPIC) with international financial organizations (1997 through 2013)
  • Implementing social safeguards policy in the private sector (2005 through today)
Dr. Guldin has led and coordinated multi-cultural project and research teams for numerous international development projects, and has decades of experiences working with both the public and private sectors—and has a strong appreciation for the need to work within the system and to pay close attention to inter and intra-agency connections. Greg’s experience is fully international, having worked on projects on the ground throughout Asia and the Russian Federation and overseeing projects and policy formation in Africa, the Americas and globally. His reports and analyses are concise, accessible, non-judgmental, and practical based on the client’s capacity and proclivities.