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Engaging Indigenous Peoples & FPIC Implementation: Indonesia

On February 16 and 17, 2023, a workshop on Stakeholder Engagement with Indigenous Peoples and FPIC implementation was held under the sponsorship of the World Bank and the Network of Learning Centers in Jakarta, Indonesia. A hybrid event with over 40 participants, lively discussions were held as to how projects need to better engage with Indigenous communities. Most appreciated were the practical guidelines for implementing FPIC and the introduction of a new paradigm for project-Indigenous engagement–the Indigenous Peoples Participation and Partnership Paradigm–which carries FPIC principles of transparency, inclusion, and self-determination from project preparation into project implementation.

CCCS’ Greg Guldin was the main presenter along with Indonesian colleague Adi Prasetijo of the University of Diponegoro. #indigenouspeoples #FPIC #Indonesia

See the World Bank’s Satoshi Ishihara’s Linked-In post for key workshop takeaways. #worldbank #indigenouspeoples #FPIC